5 Musical Things To Do During Self-Isolation


So many of us are bored during this time of quarantine. Frankly, it's made writing for this website a little difficult; whilst album reviews are still on the table, article ideas have dried up a bit due to the lack of activity in the industry. For today's article, then, we decided to list five things that you can do to keep yourself entertained during this time - related to music, of course.

Play Musical Games

Do you guys remember Guitar Hero? For a few years it was a phenomenon, the ultimate party game and a lazy way of living your dreams (sort of). Its success at its peak spawned other similar games such as Band Hero, DJ Hero and Rock Band. What better time to dig out an old console, pick up the plastic guitar and go again? It's the perfect time to revisit these games and have a bit of fun. Just Dance is also still a thing - the latest ones are still being released on the original Wii!

If you don't own any of these, there are still plenty of music games to play. For example, there's a YouTube video which allows you to guess the artist and/or song based on the famous guitar riff the YouTuber is playing. We played it last night and got 27/30. See if you can beat us!

Learn an Instrument (or how to sing)

How long has that guitar been sat there, unplayed? How dusty is that keyboard in the loft? There has been no better time to pick up an instrument than now; not only is there more time to learn, there's ALL the time to learn. You could spend your normal 9-5 workday just playing the guitar, you could be up to speed in no time. There are plenty of tutorials for various instruments online, both paid and free, so stop putting it off and get learning.

Alternatively, you could learn to sing. You might sound awful now, but like anything else, it's just practice. Everyone loves singing but many of us are too embarrassed to do so. How amazing would it be to genuinely shock everyone with a brilliant performance on your next Karaoke night in a few months (hopefully)? Again, plenty of tutorials exist on the Internet, so there's really no excuse.

Write a Song

Good one for people in a cover band, this. You've spent years playing covers, your own renditions of other people's songs. Now it's time to take the next step: write your own song. You have all the time in the world to write it, adjust it, work on it, perfect it. The next big hit could come from you, so perhaps stop mimicking for a bit!

In fairness, a lot of modern music is mimicking, be it through sampling, legal borrowing (for example, Coldplay's 'Talk' used the melody of Kraftwerk's 'Computer Love' without actually sampling it), or just plain plagiarism. We all start somewhere and you'll likely find that your early compositions sound very much like those of your influences. The more you write, though, the more you'll develop your own style. Start creating today, take your brand new songs out on the road when all this is over and see what happens. You never know.

Have a self-Rave

Not going to lie, I did this anyway, even before quarantine. Put together a playlist of your favourite and most nostalgic dance tunes and just have rave to yourself. My personal favourites are often school disco classics; the likes of Saturday Night by Whigfield, Cha Cha Slide, The Ketchup Song and Livin' La Vida Loca always make it on no matter what.

Your playlist is up to you, but whatever you put on, it's a whole barrel of fun. Having a self-rave might seem rather lonely on the face of it, but there's no other choice during this time and you might just find yourself continuing with it well after the crisis has ended. A guaranteed way to have a ball during this tough time.

Start a Music Website

Please don't do this one, we have enough competition.

So there you are, five ways to keep yourself entertained using music during this time. There's no excuse not to; with none of us going to work, we have all the time we could have dreamed of. May as well use it to either have some fun or learn something new. Stay safe and stay well, people.


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