Announcement: Patreon

Up to Eleven has been running for a few months now, and to everyone who has checked out the website, thank you so much. We aim to deliver the best content that we possibly can, and we hope you find our articles both informative and enjoyable.

Like any other business, however, we're going to need some money to keep the lights on and this is where Patreon comes in. The ad revenue is currently worse than horrendous; there's basically nothing coming in, and unfortunately that is unsustainable. This, then, is why we are asking our readers for a small monthly donation which would go a long way to keeping the website running. Any money coming in would be looped back into the website, as it would pay for things like ad campaigns to bring in a wider audience and, more importantly, it would help to fund the research of new stories, thus leading to higher quality content.

The minimum donation we have made available is £2 per month, for which you'd be getting approximately 16 articles a month at just under 13p per article. There are higher tiers available; however, due to the very nature of our current predicament, we are unable to offer extra content to those on higher tiers. We apologise for this and would look to rectify it if enough money started to come in.

Like any other music website or magazine, we are a business and unfortunately, money is therefore necessary. We would be hugely grateful to anyone who signed up, as anything coming in would be a big help. In any case, thank you for visiting the website, reading the articles and just for your continued support in general.