Artists Are Writing New Music In Quarantine, Because What Else Is There To Do?

Lzzy Hale is currently usng her time in self-isolation to write the next Halestorm record.

As we all know, basically all tours have been - rightfully - postponed. What this means, of course, is that the artists are all stuck at home doing very, very little. For once in their lives, they are just like us; in this case, being forced to stay at home because there's a deadly virus sweeping the planet. Sometimes we wish our heroes could come back down to Earth a bit, although a situation like this is not exactly the best way for that to happen.

But there is one ray of light in all this, one bit of good news for us music lovers: because the artists aren't touring, they're doing the one other thing they are able to do - writing. With all this free time they now have, they're picking up their guitars, opening their notepads and getting some ideas down before they head into a studio. Hell, many of them will be able to record at home!

Lzzy Hale is one example. Whilst recording a video for's 'Home Schooled' series, she says that "some of the things that I have been doing while I have been locking myself away in my own house, number one has been writing another Halestorm record!" That's at least one confirmation from an artist that they are spending their time wisely!

Feeder's Grant Nicholas is also doing this, though in fairness this is no different for him; the last few Feeder albums, as well as his solo records, have all been recorded in his home studio, 'The Treehouse'. His latest update, simply saying "recording", was on 5th March, so we can safely assume that he is still at home working away on the next Feeder record.

Nina Nesbitt, however, has gone in a slightly different direction. Having originally planned to go to Sweden for a dedicated songwriting trip (she has Swedish heritage), she was forced to return home by the crisis. She is now, for all intents and purposes, memeing; writing mini-songs using only sounds made by objects in her own home. Though it's amusing to watch, it's also rather clever and shows that anything can be an instrument if you know what you're doing.

It's not all plain sailing. Nu-metal band Trapt - or rather, their frontman - had a full-on meltdown, sending over 300 tweets in a recent 48-hour cacophany of nonsense. It's fun to read, here's just a few of the tweets. For seemingly no reason whatsoever, the man lost it. Quarantine must be getting to him.

The good news, then, is that in around six to twelve months' time, we can likely expect a cascade of new music. Artists around the world will be sat writing new material right now, and if they can find a means to record, some of this new music will come sooner rather than later. Every cloud has a silver lining, and for now, the lack of tours will lead to a surge in new music in the coming months. That's something else to keep us going.

Stay indoors, people.