Bandcamp Are Waiving Fees To Help Artists Survive

We all know that the money in music isn't really in record sales anymore. With labels and distributors often looking to take obscene percentages of the revenue away from the artist who actually created the music in the first place, plus the payments towards producers, co-writers and whatnot, the artist usually gets left with almost nothing from their own record. It's a known problem in the industry and one that needs to be tackled.

The issue of greedy labels, plus the advent of this wonderful platform known as the Internet, is why many bands now choose to do it on their own terms, independently. The Internet has made this a viable option and due to distributors such as Landr, Amuse and Bandcamp, there is actually a slight chance of making some money from your records - and for the next few hours, for those on Bandcamp, even more so.

Not for the first time during this lockdown, the people over at Bandcamp have made the brilliant decision to waive any of their own fees from purchases of an artist's work - meaning that the artist makes 100% of the profits from their music. It's a classy move from the company and sets an example to other companies who are in a similar position themselves, that being one of relative financial comfort and therefore ability to help out those on their platform.

If you know of any artists on Bandcamp that you like, but you've been holding off on buying their latest work, there has never been a better time. They would get 100% of the profits, plus you'd be helping to support their work. Of course, many of us are struggling for money ourselves during this time, so if you really cannot afford to buy their records, be sure to share them and get the word out. Anything you can do to support music artists during this time, with no tours or any other way of bringing in an income, would be very welcome indeed.

Like everything else, music is in a very trying time right now, and this goes doubly for those with a smaller platform. The reason we do our Local Look segments is to give a platform to those trying to make a name for themselves, and these new artists need our help more than ever - as well as older ones who work independently. With Bandcamp's decision to forego their own profits for the benefit of the artists on the platform, now would be an excellent time to go and make some purchases of the swathes of magnificent music that can be found on there. This is for today only as it stands, though it is likely Bandcamp will repeat this act if the past is anything to go by. Nevertheless, don't bank on that - make sure you get on it today while you can.