BTS Donate $1m to Black Lives Matter - And Their Army Matches It

BTS, along with their record company BigHit Entertainment, have taken a stand against racism, donating $1m to the Black Lives Matter movement. Whilst it's an amazing gesture, it's not too much of a surprise to see them donating so much money; after all, their success both as a group and as solo artists has likely rendered each and every one of them a multi-millionaire by this point. They have the money, and it's excellent to see them using it in this way.

What is perhaps more of a surprise is that this donation inspired their fans to do the same. Their incredibly loyal fanbase, known as the Army, banded together again to match the donation made by the band. The #MatchaMillion movement started on Saturday June 6th, and less than 48 hours later they made it happen, and you can bet that it didn't stop there.

What this means is that BTS and their fans are, between them, directly responsible for over $2 MILLION in donations to the movement. That's one Hell of an achievement and that money will help change lives and bring Black Lives Matter further forward. For one fanbase to raise that much money in so little time is a testament to the genuine loyalty and togetherness of that fanbase, and you'll be hard pressed to find another set of fans like them.

BTS and their Army come in for their own reasonable amount of flak, but if nothing else, they are damn effective. K-Pop "stans", normally not the most popular people on the Internet, recently endeared themselves to much of Twitter and Instagram when they hijacked the ridiculous #WhiteLivesMatter hashtag and spammed it with K-Pop videos. By spamming the hashtag and taking the piss out of it, they ended that particular response to BLM very quickly indeed.

This hasn't gone ignored either; following the destruction of the #WhiteLivesMatter hashtag, they were then summoned to aid in another way, when Team Trump asked for Trump voters to send in happy birthday messages in video form. Needless to say, it was an open goal and one can only imagine it backfired horrendously, particularly after the summoning of the Army.

Credit where credit's due - the K-Pop stans are effective and, in the case of the donations, this power has been used for good. They may not make themselves too popular with endless videos of their faves in the replies of unrelated tweets, but nevertheless, this is proof that when it comes down to it, they can make a Hell of a lot of difference in the world. Bravo, K-Pop stans - but please do stop spamming our feeds now. We get it.


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