COVID-19: Stereophonics Criticised For Cardiff Show, UK Venues In Trouble

As measures are taken to help prevent the spread of this latest, incredibly contagious form of Coronavirus, artists are cancelling their tours and rescheduling the dates. Foo Fighters, for example, recently announced that they were rescheduling, despite the fact that Dave Grohl "didn't even a pospone a show when my goddamn leg was falling off".

But at least one major artist didn't seem to pick up the memo. Stereophonics didn't cancel their shows, and when they released a clip from a recent gig in Cardiff on Twitter, it's safe to say that it didn't go down well.

This gig was held on March 14th. By then, the crisis had been officially labelled as a pandemic, almost every other artist on the planet had postponed their tours and self-isolation was becoming the way to go. But this gig, attended by a good few thousand fans, still went ahead, despite all the evidence for it not to do so.

Who is really to blame here? Is it the band, the manager, or the venue? Could a portion of the blame even go on the fans for choosing to go? It's tough to say who the main culprit is, but everyone played their part in allowing a dangerous concert to continue.

Music is important and we all know that. Music can help us through tough times and concerts bring a sense of unity and togetherness that few other events do. However, when a highly contagious disease is spreading across the planet, endangering the lives of the elderly and vulnerable, a bigger picture must be seen. One person who supported the Stereophonics' decision simply replied to their controversial tweet with "#dontlettheviruswin". Unfortunately, if it just one or two people there were infected, Cardiff is going to be in trouble soon, and for all intents and purposes, the virus will have won that battle.

Meanwhile, other music venues, such as pubs and nightclubs, are also facing trouble due to the UK Government's lack of official support. They have recommended that people self-isolate and not attend these places; however, by not officially closing them, they are rendering these venues unable to claim insurance for lost business. They have been left high, dry, and struggling to make ends meet.

This is a music website and we don't often want to wade into politics. With that being said, this decision is going to directly affect the music industry and everyone who works at these places, so we feel that it's our duty to support these venues. For this reason, we are linking a petition down below which is urging the Government to offer clear support, both financially and practically, to these venues. The entertainment and hospitality industries are two huge and vital industries in the UK, and leaving them to fend for themselves like this could be catastrophic, not only for the venues themselves but also on the wider economic spectrum.

These are testing and challenging times in which we must think of others before ourselves, something that the Stereophonics didn't do. We haven't experienced anything like this for decades at least, so stay safe, think of those around you (particularly the elderly and vulnerable) and support artists and venues in any way that you can.