Duffy Needs Time. Don't Pester Her For New Music.

For years and years, we all wondered. Following the release of her excellent debut album Rockferry, Duffy disappeared from the limelight. It always seemed strange that a young artist, surely on the verge of a hugely successful career, would just give it all up for no reason. Where had the Welsh talent gone? Earlier this year, we all found out, and it was far worse than any of us could have imagined. We are going to briefly say what happening, but we are putting a trigger warning here, as the events are horrible. If you don't want to see what happened to her, as it is horrific, please skip the next paragraph. Whilst her stock was rising and her career growing, Duffy was subjected to a horrific set of crimes. She was drugged for four weeks, kidnapped and raped. The perpetrator also made it quite clear that he wanted to murder her. If you want further details, they can be found at www.duffywords.com. It is a harrowing read, so please bear that in mind.

This experience essentially broke her, which is no surprise. She couldn't return to normal life, or her career. Far too much had happened and, given her celebrity status, she would have somehow had to hide it in media interviews for years and years. It's no wonder she took the decision to stay out of the public eye. No doubt she had a constant fear of it happening again as well. No, much better to stay hidden.

Reading about her experiences was horrible, but we are all thrilled to hear that she is mending. Hopefully, sooner rather than later, she can be free of this pain, or as free as it is possible to be.

However, there is something that should be said. Duffy's message, and brief return to radio through Jo Whiley, is NOT a comeback. She is still healing, still processing, still finding her feet again. This return to the public eye is NOT an invitation to ask her when her next album will be out. We hope this isn't something that needs to be said, but someone out there will be tempted to send her a message and ask. Please do not do this.

Duffy is still healing, perhaps always will be. She says in her message that she "owes it to [herself] to release a body of work someday". She will get there, a new album will be released at some time. Don't expect it any time soon; in fact, don't ever expect it. It WILL happen, just be patient. It's the least of her worries, and shouldn't even be on your list.

To come back at all has taken tremendous courage on Duffy's part. It would likely have been much easier to remain hidden from the public eye for the rest of her life - though the question of "what happened to Duffy" will have lingered for that entire time. Now we know, and hopefully this release of information will feel like a weight off of her shoulders. She no longer has to hide.

But this return is not for us. It is for her, another step on her journey of recovery. So, long story short: don't ask Duffy when her next album will be. It would be incredibly disrespectful request and completely lacking in empathy. Duffy will get there. Give her time. It is the very, very least that she deserves.

Up to Eleven wishes her all the best for the future.


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