Faithless To Release First Album In Ten Years

"Faithless appeared dead - until earlier this month. On June 5th 2020, seemingly out of absolutely nowhere, Faithless released a new track, 'Let The Music Decide'. Well now - are Faithless on the verge of a true return?" -Up to Eleven article, June 18th 2020

Ten weeks later, that question has been answered.

Faithless have confirmed that they are indeed back, releasing details of a new album to be released next month. Titled All Blessed, this will be the first full-length Faithless record since 2010's The Dance, which looked at the time to be their last hurrah. This news will, quite literally, be music to the ears of dance music fans, with Faithless being one of the greatest dance acts of their time (which is saying something).

Speaking about the album, the band said “In this troubled and increasingly violent world, lyrically the album tries to reflect what has always been the Faithless manifesto: be conscious, be caring, love yourself so you can love others and understand who you are and where you are never polemical but hopefully intelligent and (occasionally!) inspirational – this is music with feeling and words with meaning.”

Due to the soul-crushing nature of 2020, any good news feels like great news, and this certainly is great news. The return of any legendary act is always welcome, and Faithless returning to bring some truly human dance music into our lives again really does feel like a blessing.

The announcement has also come with a new single, aptly named 'Synthesizer'. Featuring the vocals of Nathan Ball (Maxi has sadly not returned to the band; Sister Bliss remains the only original member), the familiar style of Bliss makes it feel like they never went anywhere in the first place. That's one of our October album reviews sorted already.

Check out Synthesizer below and start getting excited; Faithless are back.


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