Feeder Are Remaking Their 'Just A Day' Video And We Can't Wait To See It

These "fans" can't even spell Feeder correctly.

If you're a Feeder fan, this is surely the news of dreams.

Back in 2001, Feeder did something rather unprecedented. Before 'Just a Day' was a single, it had actually already been a B-Side, meaning that plenty of fans already owned the track. This gave them an idea: instead of making a video for the song themselves, they asked the fans to send in clips of them enjoying the song. What this led to was a music video that has gone down in legend; whether it be the guys who pause the song for a cup of tea, the little boy shouting "FUNNY NOW!" or that one girl who tried far too hard to be dramatic, the whole thing is pure gold.

Nothing will ever top it, but we may be able to come close. As we are all stuck indoors due to lockdown, Feeder has announced a remake of the video, to help bring the fans together and spark some joy in these difficult times. 'Just a Day' will have a new, updated video and with any luck, it'll be just as glorious as last time.

They're not doing this just to give us some fun though. Feeder are doing this to help raise money for a good cause, specfically the Masks For NHS Heroes campaign, which is "raising funds to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect healthcare workers against the Coronavirus while caring for sick patients". They're also asking us to donate to the Scrub + Face Protection Hub, which is doing a similar thing. Links to both of these charities will be available at the end of this article.

If you hope to be in this remake, you'd better make sure you do some excellent stuff. Thousands of fans now own the song and it has nearly 13 million streams on Spotify, so it's fair to assume that everyone and their mothers will be sending in their videos for this new version. I know for a fact that I will be!

'Just a Day' is a classic Feeder track and, to this day, still the song used to close out their gigs. It has long none of its magic and still sounds pretty fresh, despite being nearly twenty years old. Bloody Hell. 'Just a Day' is nearly twenty. I've only just realised that while I was typing it. Now I feel old.

If you're interested in getting in the video, and why on Earth wouldn't you be, you can upload your entry at https://feeder.wetransfer.com and make sure it follows the following criteria:

Landscape Only (sideways)

1080p resolution or higher

No filters or Effects

Filmed Inside

Mime, dance or perform to the track in anyway you wish to the entire song

A deadline hasn't been mentioned, so get on it ASAP just in case. Good luck. This is going to be amazing.

Donate to Masks4NHSHeroes here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/masks4nhsheroes

Donate to the Scrub + Face Protection Hub here: http://shorturl.at/iqBV6


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