Here Are Some Pancakes In Music, Because Why Not

When trying to make a name for yourself as a new, up-and-coming music journalist on the scene, it's probably best to avoid writing articles that sound more like a Buzzfeed video than a genuine article. However, we conducted an exciting interview this morning for the website that touched upon a few more serious topics, and seeing as it's Pancake Day, we decided that we're just going to have some fun this afternoon.

Unfortunately, despite the whimsical nature of this article, it's still not a particularly easy one to write. Food isn't the biggest source of musical lyrics and pancakes certainly appear to be pretty scarce. If you do the necessary digging, though, you find that they do have a place in this industry of ours.

It's good that we're writing this in 2020, as 2019 was a breakthrough year for pancakes; at least, in music videos. One year ago, Vampire Weekend released their video for 'Harmony Hall', which features the band, a snake, and eventually some pancakes for them all to feast on. In addition, the video of JPEGMAFIA and Kenny Beats' 'Puff Daddy' is one of a weird and freaky hallucination that is kickstarted by a pancake with, let's say, more ingredients than is necessary.

Pancakes: officially endorsed by Rico Nasty.

By far the biggest endorsement of pancakes in 2019, however, came in the form of Rico Nasty's 'Hard', the video to which is just one massive pancake fest. There are pancakes absolutely everywhere, plates and plates of them fighting for position, on top of which pancakes are ready and waiting to be consumed. It is a pancake enthusiast's idea of heaven, and on Shrove Tuesday, that person is everyone.

Finally, we come to a band called the Pancakes. Well, though they're referred to as a band, it is actually a solo project consisting of Dejay Choi, a singer-songwriter from Hong Kong. She makes HP-Pop, also known as Cantopop, and has been releasing records since the year 2000. It seems she is currently not performing, but the work of the Pancakes can be found on YouTube, so feel free to go and have a gander. Unlike most other artists of the genre, much of her work is in English - though if the success of BTS has proven anything, it's that people don't care what language you sing in.

Well, there you  go everyone. We've probably missed some, but perhaps we'll write an update next year. For now, we hope you enjoyed this mercifully short piece of absolute tabloid journalism from us. Happy Pancake Day, everybody.