Local Look: Amy Louise Ellis and The Kelly Line

In Local Look, we write brief song reviews from smaller and independent artists to find out what they're all about. These features will aim to bring attention to these artists and help them grow. They'll contain one or two artists each time, and this week's artists are singer-songwriter Amy Louise Ellis and previous features The Kelly Line.

Amy Louise Ellis

Hailing from Birmingham and currently based in London, Amy Louise Ellis is a singer-songwriter with heart. Her new single 'Orange Skies' was written during lockdown and is based on the idea of wasted time. "I heard so much online about “making the most of this free time” as we will “never have this time again”", she says. "Everyone was talking about the businesses they were starting, the money they were making, and it really made me shut down. The pressure made me stop doing anything for quite a while. Music, being the place I found the most peace and had the most fun, became something so toxic because I felt as though if I don’t do anything that’ll change my situation over lockdown, I was a failure." It's something many people will be able to relate to. "I sat with my guitar and wrote it in just half an hour. It was definitely something I needed to get off my chest. An orange sky, which I used to always pair with something beautiful, became something so stressful. The day was over, and I’d just wasted it watching YouTube and Netflix, whilst all these people were making something for themselves. One of my goals for this year was to write and release a song that isn’t about love or heartbreak, and I definitely did that with this one." The song itself is the very definition of short and sweet. It clocks in at just 2:20, yet it doesn't feel rushed; on the contrary, it is very laid-back in feel. The instrumentation is minimal and it's all about the vocal performance, which is heartfelt and energetic. A voice like Ellis' always has the potential to go far, and the general response to this latest song has been very positive indeed, so she's certainly one to watch.

It's worth noting as well that both the main video and lyric video were done by Ellis herself, with her promo artwork being done herself as well, having learnt about digital art from her mother. There's clearly a work ethic there, as well as a strong sense of autonomy. Both should serve her well as she builds her career, which could certainly go very far indeed.

The Kelly Line

Mike (left) and Ben (right) are the father/son songwriting duo behind the band's songs.

They're back again for their third feature on this series. Their new song, 'The Ballad of the Bee', is a tad heavier than the previous songs we've looked at and is influenced by quite a horrid moment for the bee in question.

"We wrote the song after witnessing a Bee becoming entwined in a spider’s web. The more it struggled, the more the web tightened. There was nothing it - or we - could do. It continued to resist but the way the incident would end was never in doubt; it was only a matter of time. It was such an obvious and powerful metaphor - You’re tempted and before you know it you’re trapped. You struggle valiantly but in vain; you can only delay the inevitable outcome."

Also on the shorter side at 2:43, the theme of this local look appears to be 'songs that get to the point'. 'The Ballad of the Bee', despite its gruesome origins, is pacey and upbeat in tone, with The Kelly Line's ability to bring some joy into your life once again on display here. Their 2020 continues to be strong, and they'll crop up here again, without doubt.

The song is released on 9th October, this coming Friday, and can be pre-saved now on any of your favourite platforms, which are all listed here at the link below. It's yet another slice of fun from The Kelly Line, and definitely something you don't want to miss.



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