Local Look: Chloe Mogg and The Kelly Line

In Local Look, we write brief song reviews from smaller and independent artists to find out what they're all about. These features will aim to bring attention to these artists and help them grow. They'll contain one or two artists each time, and this week's artists are singer-songwriter Chloe Mogg and previous features The Kelly Line.

Chloe Mogg

Our first artist, West Midlands-based Chloe Mogg, recently released her first song in two years, entitled 'Judgement Day'. Currently recording her upcoming debut album, the track pauses that progress to showcase a wider horizon in the songwriter's repertoire. With previous release 'Thalamus' showcasing an alternative folk influenced side with trip hop, the solo artist "plummeted into her dream genre with temptation". Showing creative talent, the alternative artist shows that she can experiment with a diverse range of genres.

Speaking about the track, Mogg says "I wrote Judgement Day years ago about confronting my fear of love and just finding out the answer if the person I liked, liked me back. Alternative folk/rock/grunge/trip hop/industrial have always been my main influence/style and I'm finally bringing in the trip-hop/industrial part of me fully into the mix. It is different to my other releases before, but at the same time it isn’t, because I’m staying as true to myself as possible."

Mogg has steadily been building her career over the past few years, working hard and gigging pretty constantly. She will finally release her debut album this year, and she certainly has the necessary talent to go further. Watch this space.

The Kelly Line

Ones to keep an eye on as the year progresses, The Kelly Line have a number of songs that are set to be released over the coming months. 'Sure As Hell Not Through' is the first of them, an optimistic and upbeat indie track that makes you turn up the volume more and more as it goes on.

"Sure As Hell Not Through is first and foremost a defiant song", say the band. "Although it was written a while back it seems entirely appropriate for the current context. It’s an optimistic song. There comes a time when the fires that burned so brightly within begin to flicker and fade. Maybe we learn to live with injustice and acknowledge our fate and place in the pecking order, accepting that great things don’t happen to people like us. This song is a reminder that we don’t have to, that we’re not through yet and we don’t have to just wait for shit to happen to us – the best way to defend is to attack."

We're certainly going to need optimism in the current climate, and this song will bring a little of that into your life. Well worth a listen whilst you're in and around the house. The Kelly Line have more in stock, so be sure to keep your ears peeled in the future.


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