Local Look: Cory Baker and Nebula State

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

In Local Look, our new feature, we'll be writing brief song reviews from smaller and independent artists to find out what they're all about. These features will aim to bring attention to these artists and help them grow. They'll contain one or two artists each time, depending on the week. This week's artists are singer-songwriter Cory Baker and electronicore band Nebula State.

Cory Baker - Epiphany

Cory Baker is a singer-songwriter based in South Wales (though he has done some shows in Aberystwyth), and despite playing many gigs, this is his first recorded track. A lovely and rather personal track, it builds in instrumentation with each verse (there are no choruses, think Up the Junction by Squeeze). It's got a very chilled vibe; it's a head-bobber, a seat jigger.

"Epiphany is a story based on my own overthinking really", says Baker. "[It's about] recognising and dealing with the fact that, more often than not, you need faith in your own ability to be happy."

The acoustic guitar keeps it rolling throughout, as a bass, some orchestration and drums join in later on. Very much the sort of song to put on whilst tidying your room, it's entertaining and thoughtful, yet very easy on the ears.

Nebula State - Apocalypse (feat. Conor Peek)

Two more different songs couldn't have been chosen for this co-review. Where Baker keeps it calm, electronicore band Nebula State turn it up. This is a great song from a band on the up and up, gaining fans wherever and whenever they play.

The orchestral opening bars are quickly joined by guitars tuned all the way down to Drop A, and so begins four minutes of a brilliant and technical lesson in modern metal. Along with the "screamo" vocals and chugged guitars, this song also has melody, with the chorus being almost anthemic in nature. It could have done without the constant kick drum throughout the chorus, which takes away a little from the melodic nature of the vocals - but then, this drum style comes with genre's territory. It doesn't hurt the song too much anyway - it remains an intense and exciting listen.

It's easy to hear why Nebula State are on the rise and if they continue to release songs of this quality, they'll go far before long.