Local Look: The Kelly Line

In Local Look, we write brief song reviews from smaller and independent artists to find out what they're all about. These features will aim to bring attention to these artists and help them grow. They'll contain one or two artists each time, depending on the week. This week's artist is folk-rock band, The Kelly Line.

The Kelly Line - Town Within the Town

This track is a stripped-back and organic tune, with only the occassional overdubs breaking the vision of one-man-and-his-guitar. The vocal melody is intriguing and not always straightforward, but this prevents the song from being too generic. Despite its minimalist nature, it still shows what The Kelly Line offer in their music that's different to others. Much like Cory Baker's Epiphany, it's a wonderful and calming track that's not over-produced and easy to listen to. Until, perhaps, you hear the lyrics.

For 'Town Within the Town' holds an important message. This isn't just another song that the band decided to put out.

"Our new song is essentially about how it feels to be homeless", say Mike & Ben, the father-son duo who act as the primary songwriters. "It recognises that people who are forced to sleep rough are not nameless faces, but real people with names, stories and lives."

The song gives the listener a stark reminder that the people who ask for 10p or so from you sometimes aren't just a face - they're a human being. And in many places, they're a community within themselves - which is the inspiration for the song title. This makes it a tough listen lyrically, as this reminder can often make us feel guilty.

But that's not what is has to be like. The Kelly Line, who are based in Cardiff, have released this song in aid of Llamau, a homeless charity for young people and women in Wales. We, at Up to Eleven, would like to commend The Kelly Line for this and offer our support.

If you like the track, and can afford to do so yourself, donate. If you can, please donate even if the track isn't for you, because causes like this go far beyond the music. Given the results of the election, the homeless aren't going to be getting any help from the Government any time soon, which makes charities like Llamau all the more important.

The link to the band's JustGiving page for Llamau is below. Give what you can, if you can.

JustGiving page: