Looking For More Black Artists To Listen To? Here You Go

Like most of western culture, the music scene we are mostly familiar with is predominantly white. Though hundreds, thousands of brilliant black artists exist, the charts continue to be dominated by white artists. This seems particularly strange when you consider that so much music stems from black origins, be it the Blues, Rock 'n' Roll, House or Hip-Hop.

With what has been going on lately, the #BlackLivesMatter movement has gone beyond police brutality. People have been promoting their favourite black artists, creators and entertainers, in any field. Whether it be Bobdunga on YouTube, businesses like Nyakio Beauty or music artists like Arlo Parks, black creators and entrepreneurs are being elevated to new heights, in order to be recognised as equals alongside their white peers.

Regardless of current events, June just so happens to be Black Music Month anyway; at least, in the USA, and we don't see why black music shouldn't be celebrated here in the UK as well. With all this taken into account, it would be remiss of us not to stand alongside black artists as best we can.

So, what are we doing here? Well, with any luck, we're helping you discover plenty of talented black artists that deserve your support. The following links are to Twitter threads promoting black artists of various genres, and remember - you don't need a Twitter account to click on them. Simply click on the tweet and look at the following tweets the author will have put below them, listing the artists they are promoting. These Twitter threads are full of links to the artists - be sure to click on them and show your support for these fantastic creators. We have compiled them by genre, so if you do have a preference, hopefully you will find it here. Over the weekend, we will be retweeting each and every one of these threads over on our Twitter account as well, so be sure to follow us there - @UpToEleven1.









Unfortunately, we couldn't find any threads regarding Hip-Hop/rap artists; however, as that is one genre that is already dominated by black people, it shouldn't exactly be too difficult to find some there.

Whatever your musical preferences are, hopefully you can find some new black artists within these threads that you enjoy. Keep supporting black artists, not just now - but into the future as well.


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