Max Stockin Releases New Single

Following on from his excellent debut single 'Better to Burn', Max Stockin has come back with another great new track. Released today, 'Do You Remember' is a short, fun slice of pop that is reminiscent of the likes of Ed Sheeran. A more modern-sounding track than 'Better to Burn', it discusses the singer's regret over a failed relationship which he knows will never work, yet he can't quite let go of.

Featuring some fancy guitar work and a few clever tricks, there's a lot to like during the two-and-a-half minutes for which the song goes. Though not totally dissimilar to 'Better to Burn', there's enough familiarity in it to recognise what Stockin's overall style will encompass, whilst also being different enough to show that he has variety in his locker.

"This was such a fun song to work on", says Stockin. "I remember being heavily influenced by Emily Burns and her song, 'Too Cool', when I wrote this. I absolutely loved that track when it came out, and I tried my best to write my own song in that style."

The title of the single may be a mistake. There's nothing wrong with it, it's just that the words "do you remember" are normally followed immediately by "the 21st night of September" in most people's heads, so there's a risk of planting another song in someone's head before hia own!

But in reality, that's a non-issue. With 'Do You Remember', Stockin has shown that 'Better to Burn' wasn't a fluke. A second quality single in a row shows consistency, and it won't do his fledgling career any harm at all. Check out the new song down below, and be sure to follow his social medias.