Mechanical Music Takes Another Leap Forward

Machines are amazing. Over the last twenty years, more and more industries have ditched their human workers in favour of automation, as machines are more efficient, cheaper to run and don't go on strike over pay. I'm sat writing this on a computer, in a room that also features multiple game consoles, a TV and a remarkable 'phone' that at this point is just a mini-computer with the added ability to make and receive calls.

Recently, yet another development was made in music. Two musicians, Damien Riehl and Noah Rubin, created an algorithm which has automatically generated every single melody that is possible in music. They did this to protect artists of the future from copyright lawsuits; by creating this algorithm (which works at a rate of 300,000 melodies per second), they owned the rights to every single melody - but have now turned them back to the public for free use, so that "subconscious copying" will never be an issue again.

But it seems that the machines themselves have now gotten a taste for music. Following on from this algorithm, the machines have taken it upon themselves to create music, and the first mechanical single has recently been released. From up-and-coming star Sam Sung comes the song 'I Have Finished'. Full of catchy melodies and tones, it tells the story of a machine who has finished with its task and wants to alert its human owners of this fact. Check it out down below.

It's yet another incredible leap forward in the world of mechanical music. It remains to be seen just how similar to Kraftwerk it will be, though we can fully expect a cover of 'The Robots' sooner rather than later; indeed, BOSCH have been heard working on it. It's an exciting time for music, as the automations now begin to make themselves heard. Let's see what they come up with in the future.

(April Fool's, of course, though the worst one you'll ever read as it's not really a fool so much as just a bad joke. We got a new washing machine recently and it plays this tune when it finishes. Frankly, I just wanted to do an article on it, and this seemed like a good opportunity to do so).


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