(Just Over) One Year of Up to Eleven!

It's just what came up when we typed in "anniversary". (Credit: Jason Leung/Unsplash)

I'm not going to lie - I don't actually know when the anniversary is. It may have been on Halloween.

That said, we're going to take this opportunity now to thank every single person who has been on this website and read even just one article. Anyone who has ever read an album review, a feature article, even the guy who complained that we hadn't done an Albums of the Year list...thank you all so much.

We've achieved so much in such a short space of time, including getting some interviews with two great people, and one extra interview which we published for about two weeks before he disappeared due to disturbing allegations against him. We took that down as we will always stand with victims, but it was a blow to the website, of course. But hey, no road is ever without its bumps.

What does the future now hold for Up to Eleven? Well, we'll have to see. What with the pandemic and all, it's difficult to predict the future, though more interviews - with a more diverse selection of interviewees, if possible, it has been three white men so far - are definitely on the cards. Apart from that, we'll keep reviewing albums, keep writing features, and hopefully keep growing.

If you'd like to support us financially (right now we earn literally nothing), we do have a Patreon page. You wouldn't really get anything extra in return, as we aren't currently in a position to offer that, but it would go a long way towards making this website bigger and better.

In any case, thank you once again for reading. Don't forget we do also have social media pages on Facebook and Twitter, so if you have either of those, do be sure to give us a like/follow to ensure you stay up to date with every article we release.

Lastly, take care, wear a mask, and stay safe. Here's to another year of Up to Eleven!