The Grammys Have Somehow Skipped The '90s

Billie Eilish won four Grammys, including Album of the Year.

It's really quite bizarre.

The biggest gong to receive at the Grammys is, of course, the Album of the Year award. Somehow, despite the fact that a number of majorly successful artists were born in the 1990s, such as BTS, Sam Smith, Ariana Grande, and even Ed Sheeran, not ONCE has a 90s baby won that particular Grammy. The closest artist we get is Taylor Swift, two-time Album of the Year winner and born in December 1989. So close, yet so far.

And yet, last night, that award was scooped up by Billie Eilish, who was born in December 2001. The two youngest recipients of the award have an age gap of 12 years, completely wiping out the 1990s. How is that possible?!

Let's look at the list of winners since 2010.

2010 - Taylor Swift (born '89)

2011 - Arcade Fire (members born between '76 and '82)

2012 - Adele (born '88)

2013 - Mumford and Sons (members born between '84 and '87)

2014 - Daft Punk (members born in '74 and '75)

2015 - Beck (born '70)

2016 - Taylor Swift (born '89)

2017 - Adele (born '88)

2018 - Bruno Mars (born '85)

2019 - Kacey Musgraves (born '88)

2020 - Billie Eilish (born '01)


It's difficult to think of any specific reasons why the 1990s crew seem to be struggling in this department. 90s-born artists have certainly released some huge albums over the last decade, though whether any of them were truly groundbreaking is up for debate. That Ed Sheeran's X was beaten by Beck in 2015 perhaps says a lot, with 90s-born artists needing to work that bit harder to create something truly brilliant.

Or maybe the Grammys, like awards in general, are pretty pointless anyway. Nice to have if you do manage to win, but in reality, indicative of nothing.

It is worth nothing that if the 2010s were full of winners from the 1980s, there's a strong chance that artists born in the 90s could dominate the decade to come. Let's hope so, otherwise music historians of the future, looking to the Grammys for a sense of who was popular then, will not smile kindly on the 90s as a time when great creators were born.