Two Young People Discovered 'In The Air Tonight' For The First Time and Absolutely Loved It

They say the best music is timeless. The word 'timeless', of course, means that the thing in question is not limited to a particular moment in time, that it is not affected by the passage of time. In music, then, this means that a 'timeless' song works today as well as it did back when it was released.

Is that strictly true? With most music from the 20th Century, you can certainly tell when it was released based on its sound. Full of synths and huge snares? '80s. A proggy rock track? '70s. Is there no no, no no no no, no no no no, no no limit? Definitely the 1990s. But with that said, the music's quality can often see it deemed as timeless, regardless of whether its instrumentation gives away its true origin in time.

With that in mind, some of the best songs of the 20th Century can be deemed as timeless - and one of them must surely be Phil Collins' classic 'In The Air Tonight'. An eerie song with the most incredible of drum breaks, it made a revival in 2007 due to its appearance the Cadbury Gorilla advert, perhaps proving its timeless nature. However, one more video has popped up on YouTube which certainly stamps it.

Uploaded by the channel 'TwinsthenewTrend', it shows two young people in 2020 reacting to the song - and by reacting, we mean absolutely LOVING it. The two react in surprise at it begins and it never lets up after, with the two grooving all the way, and when the drum break hits...well, see for yourself below:

They weren't ready, y'all. They weren't ready.

In a time when Black Americans are in the spotlight due to recent events, it's always good to see some positivity in their community. These young guys are spreading love and appreciation through music, bringing people together and just generally being positive influences on their fanbase. So very wholesome.

They have been going a while and have 180k subscribers at the time of writing; however, this video has gone viral and the channel is seeing a huge influx of support, including from articles like this very one here. It shows that good music can spread far and wide, no matter how old it is, and that it can bring joy to thousands of people regardless of the world's situation.

This video proves that music wins again. Brilliant stuff.


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